It is located in Shinagawa Ward, near Musashikoyama Station and Rinshi-no-mori Park.
Shinyūkaidōri Shopping Street

Aruzo home

Aruzo home (Real estate agency)

アルゾホーム (不動産屋)

We’re always on your side!

For rent: flats and condominiums, detached houses, offices and shops, factories and warehouses
For sale: new condominiums, detached houses, second-hand condominiums, second-hand houses, land, investment and others


Shop information

Address: 101, 3-7-2 Koyama, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142-0062, Japan
Telephone: 03-5788-3661
Fax: 03-5788-3672
Opening hours: 09:30~18:00
Closed: Tuesdays Wednesdays
Email address:
Credit card: Cash only

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